Germán Elías Zapata

Art Director.
Director of Photography.
Network Engineer.


1986. Born in Maracay, Venezuela.
2000. Started taking pictures.
2004. Studied Network Engineering.
2012. Migrated to Montréal, Québec.
2015. Studied Commercial Photography at Collège Marsan.

Based on the mythology of the Space Odyssey series of books written by Arthur C. Clarke, Monoliths are transcendent agents of change, they are the sparks that light the wildfire.

MONOLITH is an extension for my endeavors in the visual arts.

My images explore the beings of earth, all the things done and caused by the interaction of the living and the inanimate with their environment and technology, humans and all of its creations.

Every single picture shapes our mind and our way of thinking. More than a passion, more than a calling, I feel it is a necessity for humanity to observe and record, to memorize. For me, photography and the arts exist for the sake of making people think, to question their ideas and should be done in order to keep this cognitive process alive.

For commissions, commercial work or just to say hi, you can contact me here.